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Force reduction function - Technical information

Any end fitting can be installed, making it possible to adjust the force when the spring is fitted in the application. In this way, it is possible to estimate an equivalent gas spring with the appropriate fixed force.

Another common area of use is in applications where load can vary from case to case.

Force adjustment instructions
1. The piston rod must always be pointing downwards when the force is adjusted.
2. Ensure that the valve screw is directed away from you and others when you start the opening process.
3. Open the valve by turning the screw very slowly and carefully anti-clockwise ¼ turn or until you can hear a weak hissing noise. Be prepared to turn the screw back slightly in the opposite direction when you hear the hissing.
4. Do not use excessive force when closing as you may damage the valve.

Force can only be reduced on this type of gas spring. Once the pressure in the spring has been reduced, Lesjöfors cannot accept returns under any circumstances.